Telos Academy caters to bright students who became lost in traditional academic settings. Some students arrive with learning differences, others with emotional challenges that impede their progress. Regardless, Telos Academy holds the key to unlocking successful experiences in the classroom.

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    • Class sizes are kept small (6-9 students). This enables our teachers to attend to students individually.
    • Most classes employ teachers aids. In these classes students enjoy a staff to student ratio of 1:3.
    • Our teachers (along with all Telos staff) are trained to understand NLD, information processing disorders, and executive functioning challenges.
    • Students who have struggled in traditional settings are seen through new eyes as individuals with wonderful potential.

    • All teachers are licensed and credentialed in their content areas. This means our teachers have a depth of knowledge that surpasses the "generalist" teachers who teach all subjects.
    • Students are assisted in researching appropriate colleges. They are mentored through the application process from start to finish.
    • Parents can enjoy daily monitoring of their students. By using our Powerschool online tracking system, teachers and parents stay in close contact.
    • Telos Academy offers 12-week SAT/ACT preparation course taught by licensed, credentialed teachers.

    • Some students at Telos have struggled with organization. They do their work, but lose the assignments. They have the assignment, but forget to turn it in. For students with more serious executive functioning issues, we employ our Executive Function Coaches who act as personal organization trainers, constantly increasing the student's ability to manage his own academic life.
    • Occasionally there are students who, after utilizing all of the standard resources of Telos Academy, need additional help. In these cases parents can employ a developed tutoring program. Our academic tutors are patient, knowledgeable, and inspiring.